Thursday, 31 May 2012


I watch your eyes
through a flatscreen haze
pick a path across the stars;
an etch-a-sketch of a future
where thoughts are not
substitutes for feeling,
when the trickle down effect
of sentiment doesn't turn
wasted hours into minutes,
and movie-ticket stub memories
aren't all that remain of
the man you wanted me to be.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Something is missing even though it is there,
great sadness smoothed over with a smile;
a woman touches-up her face whilst
her boyfriend wishes he was single.

Apparently, he knows that she knows
but do they know that I know?
It is all just so inexplicably tragic
like watching a stinging nettle wilt.

Nothing is supposed to be felt and yet
everthing comes to mind, for a moment
inappropriate to most but pefectly timed
for those who are alone even when together.

Monday, 21 May 2012

At a glance

Kids go to school in suits,
preparing to become busy little bees
within a logo-sculpted underworld,
a hive mind of digital noise replaces
any and all meaning once their heads
are in the Cloud, where every thought
and feeling is part of a micro-transaction
existence with no up front fees.

Everything is a sin, unless they're told it is
all part of the plan and so becomes allowed,
like not falling in love just being dependent
on people and things that they don't need;
"Like" that sense of shame or even dread
of not having or wanting the latest and greatest
next-best-thing on a list that none of them
knew was real until their names were on it.

Then the real fun begins as they try to
cram every year full with emptiness,
trying to seem what they're definitely not
and to want what they can't have, just to feel
that they're not surplus to requirements
when they look into someone's eyes
only to find nothing reflected except
ghosts of who they should have been.  

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Elder light dwindles against
grime-tinted windowpanes,
the stench of corpses exudes
from a badly defrosted fridge;
a circle of smart phone screens
illuminates a dishevelled chamber
where all that was once forgotten
becomes remembered again.

Clutching our secret burdens
we weary few answer the summons,
shared joy a rare moment of triumph
condensed into acronyms and emoticons;
amongst fragments of our former lives
the best is hoped and the worst planned for,
as wretched screams out on the estate
never cease to be pleas for help.

A cigarette carelessly dropped
sets the unknown world alight,
like a spider's broken body
a map folds in on itself;
stunned into furious silence
we are forced to accept that
without the guide we're lost
before we have even set off.

Friday, 11 May 2012


Strange not to stare at an empty bed and
not to fear what should be but isn't there,
It is one thing to theorycraft when I'm alone,
quite different when others see it done

At this point you claim to feel like an adult.
Well, didn't you always? Why try so hard
to be seen as seemingly something
that you've always really been?

Big talk turns to smaller matters,
like the expense of a foreign holiday
or how you would rather not explain
that particular twinkle in your eye.

Peering into beer at the bottom of a glass
I see many things that could and cannot be.
"Tell me our future" you said;
I replied, "We're not both alone instead."